This animation consists in taking live photographs of the guests in a lovely set or, for example, next to a car of collection.
From one to three hostesses dressed up according to the evening’s theme can be added in order to make even attractive the catch of sight.
The photographs can be out-of-date (sepia color).
For instance, the opposite theme is "the Thirties".
Special contract rate all included, from 1 to 5 hours.
Unlimited pulling of the photographs throughout the evening.
The size of the photos is 15x21 cm.

Handing-over of the photos instantaneously (1 minute).
Possibility of personalizing the envelopes
(Provide us with the logo of your company and the text to print). 
Retro Here a Retro theme with a numerical PHOTO BOX “from the old period”.

Picture retros Retro Images Image Retro Foto fantasy
"Click" on the images to see them more in detail.

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