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Explanations of the animation "Studio Photo Montage"

  • Each person chooses among the models in catalogs or in your own images, the substance that suits him
  • Photo truque
  • depending on the model chosen, he (s) or she (s) may / can

  • either be in place of the model,
    Animation wonder woman

    either side of it,

    james bon 007 animation soirees

  • He or she sits, the light is changed depending on the model.
  • animation est hilarante

    In this animation, only the face of your client or prospect is "captured".
    The technician positions the face of the person in the model chosen.
    Your client or prospect can decide if he likes his expression or not.

  • The system achieves integration model with the face
  • soirées au Magestique

    The photo montage was drawn and inserted in a pocket format 18x24.
    The person leaves immediately with his picture on the cover
    which can be

    is the color of the organizer,
    or the colors of the sponsor of the event,
    not be customized (white).

    Les pochettes sont personalisées
    Visuels de l'animation "Studio Photo Montage"

    Photo fantasy au Palm Beach à Cannes
    Stand photo montage au Palm Beach à Cannes
    Le Studio Photo à la Villa Kérylos, Beaulieu
    Le Studio Photo à la Villa Kérylos, Beaulieu
    L'animation photo FOOT sur un bateau en Cannnes et Monaco
    L'animation photo le theme FOOT sur un bateau entre Cannes et Monaco

    La photo truquée a l'Hôtel MARTINEZ à Cannes
    Le photo montage a l'Hôtel SOFITEL CASINO à  Mandelieu

    CannesL'animation photo studio au musé de l'automobile à Monac
    L'animation photo studio au musé de l'automobile à Monaco
    Evening animation "Studio Photo Montage"
    An evening animation Studio Photo Montage "includes:
    1 installation and removal of equipment on site (2 hours)
    2, a technician for the achievement of montages photos
    3 of 1 to 5 hours of service, unlimited number of photos
    4 transport included in the Alpes-Maritimes and Monaco

    Other locations: transport and accommodation in addition (Departure from Nice, France)
    Review all applications for time and travel around the world.
    Flat rate: - Draw unlimited photos (Free for guests)
    Special rates for organizers of the congress, parties, weddings ...


    1 circuit electrical 220 Volts / 800 W power
    2 Espace to provide: from 3mx 2m
    3 It must be at least 3m between the subject photographed and the camera
    4 Provide a space for the queue

    james bon 007 animation soirees Gisèle à cotée d'ANTONIO BANDERAS