"The One"
"Your company in a newspaper!

It is an "A" Take everything is adjustable upstream of the event, approximately one month's time preference.

It is an "A" A4 or A3. High definition color printing on paper thick mat (130 or 175 gr).

All the elements defined in advance and pre-printed:
- Journal title, in the example attached, "NICE-INFO"
- Headquarters ...
- Article able to write on the customer
- Flyer to the customer
- Best articles in the press the week before the event ...

Animation « La Une »

Only the picture is printed on the day of the congress in less than 30 seconds:
We take an individual photo, two, three or even whole teams, up to 10 people!

Each delegate leaves with his "A" to it immediately.
It is a beautiful memory of the event, personalized space!

For the animation "The One", we install the following:
- A digital photo station with monitor,
- A print A4 or A3
- Two projectors.

    "Votre entreprise à la Une du journal " !
    Two people on site and manage the congress.

    It is possible to achieve 100, 150 or even 200 "A" by day 4 to 7 hours of entertainment around.

    It is even possible to combine this animation with the animation "STUDIO PHOTO MONTAGE" and print montages in place of shooting live ... An original pair of a communication animation quite fun!

    The rate remains the same, with or without rigging!

    PS: In the attachment model "A personalized" carried out for LCL (Credit Lyonnais) at their national convention (600 people) Nice Palace Acropolis 5 and 6 October 2005: "NiceInfosLCL.pdf."